Prospective Undergraduate Lab Members

We are now accepting applications for volunteer research assistants for the upcoming semester. RA's are encouraged to attend lab meetings and are expected to commit at least 4 - 10 hours per week for at least a semester (a two semester commitment is preferred). Research assistants work closely with all members of the ADEPT Lab (including faculty, graduate students, and other research assistants). Duties vary but can include assisting with subject recruitment; helping with laboratory studies; coding, entering, and analyzing data; and helping to present study results at professional meetings and in scientific publications.

If you are interested in applying to work as a research assistant in the ADEPT lab, please fill out the                             and email it back to us!

Have a better understanding of running Implicit association tasks

Learn how to run participants through physiolo​gical assessments of heart rate monitoring and skin conductance.

Gain experience in data entry and data analysis

Become trained in facial coding protocol assessing basic emotions.

Running participants through lab protocols.

​​Prospective Graduate Students

2021-2022 application cycle

The goal of the ADEPT lab is to provide an exciting and stimulating environment for research collaborations to develop and grow, for scientific knowledge to be gained and disseminated and for students to be supported throughout their academic endeavors. While working through the program at Ole Miss, graduate students conduct research, have opportunities to teach, and learn evidence based treatments for conducting psychotherapy. Our program is committed to training highly competent scientist-practitioners. I will encourage all my students to have a strong research focus and to be actively engaged in numerous research projects beyond the program requirements of a thesis and dissertation. Although the lab encourages a strong research experience, students who are accepted may desire academic or related research-focused careers, or be more strongly interested in clinical practice.I am actively recruiting prospective graduate students for the Fall 2022 cohort. I am most excited about individuals who are interested in the studying the areas of moral disgust and/or emetophobia.

Although the GRE is considered optional for applicants to UM, as there is no evidence relating GRE scores and students’ ability to succeed in graduate school, I personally WILL NOT be looking at or entertaining applications where the GRE is submitted. 


Prior reaearch related to anxiety, or a related area of study, is desirable but not necessary for a student to be admitted. The most important qualifications are a desire to be a part of a collaborative lab, an excitement to broaden your knowledge in scientific research and clinical practice, and motivation to excel to reach your potential. All graduate students in the ADEPT lab become full members of my research group from the first semester they arrive. Even while students start to gain familiarity with the research and clinical literature, they receive hands-on experience working in the lab through brainstorming and helping design new studies and/or assisting in data collection. There are numerous opportunities for students to initiate their own research projects, utilize existing data to investigate research questions, or contribute to other lab projects in various capacities. Students in the ADEPT lab are also encouraged to find opportunities to present (at both local and national venues) and publish lab research.